At Plattar, we understand the growing alignment between the real world environment and digital layers such as Augmented Reality (AR). We want to empower people to add digital layers to everyday environments so they can enhance the experience of products, places, information and  history around them.
Successful application of this technology can enhance the lives of millions, but until now has been inaccessible to most.

At Plattar we wanted to provide customers with a simple platform to create their own AR content, letting them bridge the gap between their real and digital environments. With Plattar, anyone can blend new experiences with physical surroundings to tell their story and solve practical problems in fresh and engaging ways.

The Plattar team would love to hear from anyone excited about Augmented Reality, so please get in contact!

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Our Journey


Our journey began in 2012, when Augmented Reality pioneer Rupert Deans identified a gap in the market when it came to the successful application of AR.

Rupert grew up with dyslexia as a child and relied heavily on visual learning. As an adult he was often drawn to the use of visualisation techniques to solve problems and In particular, Rupert was often left questioning why we were always being presented with so much 2D content in a 3D world.

The emergence of AR changed all that. Rupert and his team recognised the huge potential of the technology and set out to create a brand that would enable anyone to create AR experiences to solve a multitude of visualisation problems from engagement to learning to on-site application in all manner of industries.

That brand would become Plattar, the world’s simplest augmented reality creator.