Augmented Reality Print with Gogoprint

In this era, digital technology has transformed the way how we consume media. There were times when interaction with the media was unengaging, but not anymore!

Now with the advent of exciting technology like Augmented Reality, a significant change is underway in the way we see the world. Most of the major companies in the world like Facebook, Google and Apple have also started investing heavily in this technology because of its potential in the real world.

In the past, there was always a gap between the digital and the physical world, and Plattar is helping bridge this gap by providing immersive and engaging experiences for businesses to sell their products.

We believe in collaborating with like-minded companies that are shaping the future, and one such company that we love is Gogoprint,
an innovative printing company

The printing industry has seen drastic changes from black and white print to more sophisticated graphical print. Gogoprint plays a huge hand in modernising the online printing industry with its unique technology. The printing industry has always been dominated by big players that focus on bulk printing, but Gogoprint focuses on small and medium enterprises that have any kind of printing volume.

The company wants to empower the SME segment by providing low and transparent pricing combined with an easy online ordering experience. Their intelligent algorithms provide an easy way for customers of all sizes and with all levels of printing knowledge to order online. They use state-of-the-art algorithms and technology that bundle orders from a large number of customers, leading to a reduction in paper waste and as a result, the ability to produce faster at competitive rates.
Their vision is that printing should be a cheap, convenient and smooth experience for everyone.

We love collaborating with technology companies like Gogoprint, as we go hand in hand with both using technologies to make visual experiences better. Augmented Reality can bring print to life with images, videos and 3D animations.

Jacky Winter used Plattar to bring their printed pages of their guidebook to life, bringing new channels of interactivity.

Plattar’s partners at HM Group also used Augmented Reality on print to showcase some data visualisation around their consumption of coffee.

And creative art concepts.

University of New South Wales used Plattar to create an engaging and informative content about studying in Sydney and at the University for their prospective students, bring thier brochures to life.

All these innovative ways can create powerful and unique opportunities for producing memorable and immersive print experiences.

We are looking forward to working with Gogoprint, and we know that they are the best solution for all your printing needs. Visit their website.

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