Education will never be the same

Education methods have evolved with technology from the blackboard to the 2D digital screen and will evolve to 3D. Augmented Reality will support new teaching methods as well as new business models.


The following features can be utilised in Education & Training applications:

  • Gamification
  • Testing mechanics
  • Video and audio content
  • Social Media Integration
  • Real time content management and deployment
  • Powerful Analytics


By utilising Plattar education and training providers can:

  • Visualise or grasp abstract concepts (e.g. applied maths, chemistry)
  • Simulate real world experiences
  • Replace expensive demonstration materials
  • Create interactive content that promotes self and explorative learning
  • Contextualise content
  • Reveal typically hidden structures, such as the inner workings of the human body or machinery
Plattar Case Study

Case Study

Otago University needed a more rich, compelling experience to attract and retain students in Pharmacology and Toxicology. They built quizzes around 10 household medicines on their active ingredients for students to test themselves on.


  • Over 1500 downloads
  • Increased exposure and positioning of Otago University with national media coverage
  • Expansion of the use of augmentation into other faculties
  • 75% of students who used the App agreed the it improved their learning

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