With a wealth of digital options it is getting harder and harder to differentiate your business amongst your competitors. Having moved from the information age to the experience age, it is important that your marketing communicates in a way that appeals

Augmented reality is the solution, giving you a platform to create a wow factor and present your brand story in a new format. By combining traditional marketing collateral and augmented features, you can make your money work harder and maximise return for your investment. Realtime analytics and instant app updates let you optimise your brand engagement by adjusting


Our FMCG template includes:

  • eCommerce Mechanics
  • Video and Audio Content
  • Promotional deals and Special offer integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Interactive Store finders and maps
  • Basic Game Mechanics
  • Ability to integrate with existing marketing collateral
  • Track Analytics
  • Realtime management and deployment of new content


By utilising Plattar we enable Marketers to:

  • Increasing sales and engagement
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Generate viral interest
  • Position your brand and stand out as an industry thought leader.
  • Drive revenue
  • Easily tailor messaging for different target audiences
  • Powerful Analytics
Plattar Case Study

Case Study

Fonterra was looking for an engaging brand experience for their Ansource product that educated customers about the product and bolstered their brand story.

The results were:

  • Over a 1000+ app downloads
  • 60% of sessions lasted over 4 minutes
  • A 5% increase in purchases online attributed to app click-throughs
  • A powerful brand experience that engaged their Chinese market in the native language

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