Augmented Reality Touchpoints

How are augmented experiences triggered?

Augmented Reality lets you add a digital layer to everyday environments. With Plattar this layer can be triggered through several different experiences.


Use a unique image to position your content relative to a specific point. This could include attaching experiences to magazines, t-shirts, your business card and newspaper pages.


Position content within the real world, without requiring a specific marker or environment.

Mixed Reality

Use spatial recognition technology to have your digital and physical worlds interact together in realtime.
Coming soon!


Use information from sensors to initiate experiences or overlay information in the real world.
Coming soon!

Augmented Reality Content

Simply Drag and Drop Objects in to your scene

Bring 2D images to life within a 3D space

Computer screen

3D Models and Animations

Computer screen

Drag, Drop and Play

Plattar makes it easy to upload your 3D models with a simple drag and drop to create and position animated models.

Video & 360° Video


Your Own

360° Video

Computer screen

The platform allows you to upload video and bring it to life in augmented reality. We have seen our customers record green screen personal messages all the way through to children filming their win in a computer game and uploading it into their own scene.


Use any 2D imagery to create links to


Contact Form

Phone Call



Live Updating

Want to change your content? Simple. Make a change and hit save to update app pages or scenes. This means you can change you content to match a campaign or bring a new product to your customers.

Live Updating

App Builder

Build your own app

Create an app within 5 mins, drag and drop assets, components, text, buttons, calls to action, and imagery. Represent your brand all the way through.

App Builder

Build pages

You have the power to choose, set up and change your pages at your will.

Calls to Action

Want a button? You got it, you can make your own buttons and take the user to another page in the app, your site, make a phone call or send you an email.

Brand to your needs

The app is yours. You have the power to set design direction across pages and engage users.

Embed existing mobile website

Got an amazing website you want to show? You can just drop it straight into a page in your app.

Deployment - iOS & Android

Your app will be deployed across Apple and Android devices with ease.

Deployment - Your mobile website

Coming soon! Drop the app and build a website that you can share an Augmented Reality experience through.

Developer tools

API for content

Integrate your existing content into Augmented Reality with our content API.

Custom Modules

3rd parties can build new functionality and features on top of Plattar. Call the Plattar team if you would like to do this.

Plattar SDK

Add Augmented Reality into your existing app by dropping in the Plattar SDK. Manage all your Augmented Reality through Plattar.

Customer Experience

Empower your customer to:

Powerful Reporting


Track against your goals and achievements with Plattar. Campaign success, user interaction, traffic generation, app downloads, active users and session times.


We are here to help