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The easiest way for Retailers to bring your products to life.

Connect online and offline customer experience to drive engagement and sales.


Transform retail with omnichannel experiences.

  • Create engaging in-store, online and in home experiences with AR & 3D virtual products.
  • Engage your customers where they are spending time, on mobile, the web and in app.
  • Go beyond the initial sale, build loyalty and long term relationships through your products.

A full product range in your pocket.

  • Virtually stock your whole range – connect your online and instore experience.
  • Improve upselling by showing multiple products and combinations in a single view.
  • Your entire range in 3D Content can be leveraged across digital touchpoints.

Reduce costs of photography, sampling & returns.

  • Better than photography, no more complicated and expensive photo shoots.
  • Fast and flexible, no need to photograph every product angle, color or texture option.
  • Minimize returns, reduce shipping and sampling, great visuals help customers make better choices.

One platform, ‘any channel’ commerce.

  • One virtual product, available on every channel: 3D Web, Mobile and your own AR App.
  • Integrate AR into your ecommerce storefront to increase conversion rates.
  • Integrate simply with eCommerce platforms, Shopify, Magento and more.

65% more
conversions are made
when using AR apps
for eCommerce, than
without. - Houzz

People using 3D Web
Viewers stay on
websites 274% longer
than those who don’t.

71% of shoppers
would shop with a
retailer more often if
they offered AR.

“Plattar has driven sales, reduced returns and the platform makes it incredibly easy for me to add new products.”

Sacha Alagich

Founder, Escape to Paradise

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