One 3D Asset, every touchpoint.

One place for publishing 3D viewers, AR web and apps, video and images.

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Curate, manage and deploy all your 3D & AR assets. No coding skills needed.


Virtually put your products into your customer's hands.

The most advanced AR viewer

Supporting Apple’s iOS ARKit, Google’s ARCore for Android plus older browsers and devices.

  • Web ready.iOS AR Quick Look & Android Scene Viewer out-of-the-box.
  • Seamless user experience. No app required.
  • Reach more people.Browser penetration growing daily.
  • Built for reach & compatibility.On Apple ARKit & Google ARCore.
  • Create once and publish anywhere.Through the Plattar CMS.
  • Drag and drop.Simply update and maintain your 3D content.
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Photo-realistic, interactive and 360 degree 3D viewers.

Sell more with less returns.

Let customers personalise and visualise their selections with confidence.

  • Collections. Show all colour and texture variations.
  • 360 spin & zoom. Show product from all angles and close up.
  • Annotate products. With text, rich media or animations.
  • Custom controls. API to control the viewer from within your website.
  • Content Switching and Linking. Change between multiple scenes
  • View in AR. Launch your AR app direct from the mobile browser with AR Web Viewers.
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Virtual Showroom & Store

Bring your in-store experience into the web

Create a virtual twin of your brick & mortar store.

Let your customers virtually walk through your store and browse, try out and buy your products.

Make your online store stand out. Engage with an immersive e‑commerce customer experience.

  • Import 3D & 360 files. Upload your 360 images from positions around your store.
  • Annotate. Add buttons that link your product pages 3D viewer.
  • Try. Link to web AR so customers can try out or try on.
  • Buy. Add call to actions to add to your e-commerce cart or next step to purchase.
  • Set up virtual store tours based on customer segments.
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Personalise, configure and visualise custom products.

Simply create 3D product configurators

Let customers to easily configure custom designs and update product attributes such as parts, color and textures.

  • Visualize all possible product configurations. Even when there are thousands of them.
  • Optimised for every device. Mobile, web. Android, iOS. We’ve got you.
  • Drag and drop editor. Simple to visualise your configurator options.
  • UI preview. See your configurator look & feel and customise from there.
  • Fast to deploy. A speedier and low-cost alternative to bespoke configurators.
  • Responsive out-of-the-box. Optimised for mobile and desktop.


Simply create your own native AR apps for iOS & Android.

The most advanced AR viewer.

Supporting Apple’s iOS ARKit, Google’s ARCore for Android plus older browsers and devices

  • Beautiful & simple. Best in class AR experience.
  • Best practice app templates. Fully brandable and customisable.
  • Supported app deployments. Reduce approval delays with best practice.
  • Complete white label. Control any element in the user experience.
  • Rich SDK. Embed Plattar AR in your own app.
  • ARCore & ARKit ready. Up to date with Google and Apple’s latest AR.
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Get beautiful product photos & video, faster.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional photography.

Render photo quality video and images from 3D assets.

Eliminate costly and inflexible studio photography.

  • Virtual tripods and rigs. Set your camera angles with ease. Rapid preview. Auto generated images from each camera angle.
  • Capture video between cameras. Automatic smoothing of transitions including pan, zoom and rotation.
  • Fast rendering, image generation. Including batch rendering for multiple files.
  • Export hi-res images and video. 4k PNG and 720p output video to WebM files.
  • Animate 3D Viewers. Setup pans and zoom to animate between vantage points.
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Build in Plattar and export AR content.

Use in Spark AR for Facebook / Instagram & Lens Studio for Snap.

Simply export

Export AR content to any target—social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snap)

  • Flexible & fast. Create great ads easily, in minutes.
  • Consistent. Use the same 3D assets online and in social ads.
  • Reach billions. Create innovative ads, differentiate your products on social.
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