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Here is What's New on Plattar

Our developer team continuously improves and expands the Plattar platform. In the past, we've communicated new features, changes or bug fixes directly with our clients and developer community. Now, we're making our releases more easily accessible by publishing our release notes. It's a great way to keep informed on recent updates and fixes. Tech nerds find more details in our Developer Documentation. And, our clients find direct help, guides and tips on help.plattar.com.

Release Notes: 09/03/2021


  • Launched the new Configurator UI for products with variations


  • Closing an annotation via the close button will return the camera back to the default position

Bug Fixes

  • Better display for the state of USDZ file conversions

Release Notes: 22/02/2021


  • GLTF Uploads on the Platform will now be automatically converted into USDZ. The CMS will report when conversion is finished.


  • Plattar API SDK now allows full server selection for API interfacing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Progressive Loading for Chrome (Embeds/Viewer)
  • USDZ Converter will now report a correct error when trying to convert an unsupported GLB format
  • Fixed a bug with GLTF models failing to convert to USDZ when materials do not contain a name
  • Fixed a TypeScript interface/definition bug with Plattar API SDK

Release Notes: 08/02/2021


  • Expanded monitoring services for Plattar servers to include the newly decoupled READ/WRITE servers and the Analytics servers.
  • Users can now view platform analytics without admin support.


Major work on Plattar Production Servers decoupling of READ/WRITE operations has been completed and deployed. With this change, heavy usage of the CMS will no longer slow down embeds/ar experiences.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with analytics not working/viewing correctly. There was a 7 day black period where some analytics data failed to be reported. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where new apps on new deployed server infrastructure were not building correctly. Existing apps are not affected.
  • Fixed a bug on the server where gltf models would sometimes randomly fail to upload correctly leading to a problem with USDZ file conversion.

Release Notes: 25/01/2021


  • Mobile viewers can now view annotations fullscreen.
  • CMS users are now able to select a product variation in the published page.


  • CMS UI/UX change to make variation selection in the published tab more obvious.
  • Plattar API SDK now contains more features for proper server selection

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where .reality files would not work on IOS Chrome.
  • Fixed audio not working correctly for volumetric videos for IOS 14.
  • Fixed in-app audio issues with IOS 14.

Release Notes: 30/11/2020


  • Plattar has launched another open-source developer product called Context Messenger. Context Messenger allows defining and calling functions and variables across iframes. Visit https://github.com/Plattar/context-messenger for more information.
    Configurator users are now able to save and share their configured products on social media.
    Plattar CMS now supports the new Google Analytics changes.
    Viewer users are now able to select a transition side for the annotations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the CMS that when saving a Scene Object the UI would become unsynced which required deselect and reselect to work again. This bug caused further changes to the Scene Object to not be applied.

Release Notes: 16/11/2020



  • Scene Duplication behaviour has changed. When duplicating scenes with products, the products will be referenced instead of copied

Bug Fixes

  • Android builds have upgraded from Java 9 to Java 11. This fixes the automated build issue for Android Apps
  • Scene-Viewer crash bug for certain configured GLTF models has been fixed (google)

Release Notes: 02/11/2020


  • 8th wall tracker now supports taking screenshots/photos of the augmentation using the photo button. Photos are saved in the standard photo path of the target device. This works for both IOS and Android.
  • WebSocket protocol for connecting multiple devices now supports a ping/pong message that can be used to check for an active connection and to ensure the connection does not close for inactivity.
  • Configurator users can now switch between the camera view and the scene view


  • The backend infrastructure for Staging has gone through an overhaul to ensure service availability is more resilient to unexpected server crashes. There should be no noticeable changes from the users point of view as all changes as backend related. This infrastructure is on staging only.
  • Configurator view has gone through a visual update.

Bug Fixes

  • Some bugs have been fixed in the WebSocket backend for multiplayer connectivity. The connection should be more resilient to unexpected network interruptions and network losses.

Release Notes: 13/05/2019


  • QR Code scanning is now available for Android/IOS apps for both Snap and Real-Time scanning.
    Upgraded Android to ARCore 1.9 which brings real-time marker tracking.
    Users will now be able to set onboarding scene/product instead of being presented with the default cube.
    API endpoints to generate QR Codes with logo/customizations.
    CardMap added behind cardmap feature on application page. Ready for release


  • All apps will now use https://appcenter.ms instead of Hockey-App. Hockey-App will be deprecated in November, our platform no longer uses it from this point onwards.
    Analytics Upgrade, GA is more useful now.
    Reduced API reliance on the new converter, there are fallbacks for marker generator now that will work if the converter server goes down.
    Image Markers being uploaded are now sanitized, disallowing images above 1024×1024 pixels and 1mb in size.

Bug Fixes

  • Trigger width/height was not being saved in the CMS.
    Unity3D GLTF converter will now convert multiple animations properly.

One platform for a 3D world.

Select outcome

  • Out-of-the-box templates
  • Build viewers viewers, configurators & more
  • Create ecommerce and field sales tools
  • Simple themes & branding wizards
  • Simple to customise to your look and feel

Curate content

  • Bring together your products
  • Import raw 3D content
  • Bulk upload and file translation
  • Leverage your existing 3D models
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Add product info, annotations and links


  • Create products, components and variations
  • Create product configurators
  • Compose scenes & app actions
  • Set environments, light & mood
  • Add annotations, images and videos
  • Build custom viewers and AR apps

Publish & deploy

  • Publish AR Web to iOS, Android and older devices
  • Supports AR Quick Look and Android Model Viewer
  • Embed 3D viewers & configurators
  • Embed in Web with 1 line of code
  • Deployment to native apps to iOS & Android
  • Export photos, video and AR ad formats

Analyze & update

  • Update 3D assets and deploy in seconds
  • Track engagement and attribution
  • Analytics and logging or all interactions
  • Full Google Apps support
  • Simple to use and manage


  • Support multiple projects & user access
  • Centralised 3D asset management
  • Dashboards for all scenes and products
  • Role based permissions
  • Export files in GLTF and USDZ formats

3D & AR Touchpoints

At the heart of the Plattar Platform is our 3D CMS: The Experience Builder. One place to curate, manage and deploy all your 3D & AR assets. No coding skills needed.

AR Web Viewers

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3D Viewers

View products from any angle directly from any website or mobile.

Virtual Showroom

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3D Configurators

Personalization and customization so the customer can bring their touch on your products.

AR Apps

Rapidly create, customise and deploy your own Augmented Reality apps for iOS & Android. Stand-alone or in your own app with Plattar’s embeddable SDKs.

3D Photo & Video

Select any 3D product, rotate to the angle required and export out hi res images or video.