How Snooze increased online bed sales by 29% with the Plattar 3D and AR platform

Industry: Furniture

Location: Australia

Products: 3D Viewer, AR App

Snooze: Leading bedroom retailer

Snooze is the leading furniture retailer with a significant store footprint and online presence. The Australian retailer is at the forefront of enhancing the brand and shopping experience through digital transformation – known to innovate their in-store and eCommerce customer experience and product engagement. As part of Snooze’s ambition to expand its leadership position in the market, the furniture retailer was looking for a step-change in sales conversion across their key channels.

Increase in add to cart if the product has a 3D viewer.

Increase in online sales conversion

Business Challenges

Buying bedroom furniture online can be risky

The ability to see a particular piece of furniture in real-world context is critical to the consumer buying decision. A key challenge for Snooze was to showcase specific product variants that weren’t in stock in-store and demonstrate products true-to-scale and in full detail to online customers in order to create the confidence to buy. Snooze knows its customers and knows their pains. As an industry innovator, they needed a solution that was fast to market, offered the high 3D quality that met the brand standards and allowed Snooze to deploy a single solution across different touchpoints.

Approach and Solution

Deploying Plattar 3D and Augmented Reality was simple

Snooze found what they needed in the end-to-end 3D and AR platform from Plattar. 

The retailer chose to leverage Plattar’s unique multi-touch point deployment capability to implement the following solution:

  • 3D Viewer for selected furniture products embedded in the website
  • In-built, branded  AR App to enable in-store staff
  • Plattar high quality 3D content creation and  management services
  • Onboarding on the Plattar platform to self-manage 3D content and AR experiences through the Plattar Experience Builder

Plattar’s turnkey SaaS solution enabled the retailer to have a tool that worked seamlessly as a tool to enhance in-person customer conversations in stores and was easily embedded into the product pages of the Snooze website. 3D product experiences were created on the Plattar platform and required no additional technical or coding skills.


Snooze saw a 29% increase in online conversion

The significant uplift in conversion for 3D-enabled products versus items on traditional product pages was a very welcomed surprise for the team at Snooze. It was a clear indication that the buying confidence had been successfully increased through the use of 3D/AR technology – and ultimately the Plattar platform. Likewise, in store staff reported a very positive response from customers who could use AR visualisations for product variants that are not in stock. In-store staff said “Showcasing products using the endless aisle to showcase a product in AR was like unboxing a new product compared to floor stoke getting worn down and faded over time”

Snooze appreciated Plattar’s strong support throughout the implementation and welcomed the extra benefits of being able to tap into the team’s technology expertise, 3D modelling services as well as continued training and guidance in self-managing the Plattar platform. The leading bedroom furniture retailer is now on their journey to harness the power and possibility of 3D and Augmented Reality for engaging product visualisation. Due to the Plattar platform, the activation from start to go-live was completed in only a short period of weeks.

Using Plattar, we have seen a 29% increase in online sales conversions over our traditional product pages.
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Nick Cust

Snooze, Head of Digital

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