Enhance the customer experience online

Bring your products to life in 3D and Augmented Reality

3D and AR Commerce

Bring online shopping to the next level

Plattar has helped countless retailers, brands and manufacturers shift their online performance
by embedding high-impact 3D and AR experiences that increase engagement and help drive sales.

Plattar turnkey solutions for eCommerce

Empower your customers

Create impact. Drive results. Let customers explore, engage and interact with your products online through the power of 3D and AR. Plattar is the only 3D and AR platform your team will ever need.

Evolve your eCommerce

3D Product Viewers

The Plattar cloud-based 3D product viewer brings photo-real and 360° interactive products to your customers. Powerful and versatile with incredible features, beautiful UI options. You don’t need any coding or technical skills. Plattar comes with a suite of inbuilt features and is simple and easy to deploy.

  • Super fast, high-fidelity 3D Viewer
  • Drag-and-drop scene creation
  • Advanced engagement features like CTAs
  • Completely customisable UI controls
  • Seamless integrations into major platforms

native webAR

Enterprise-ready Augmented Reality

All you need to easily, securely and reliably bring AR to your consumer touchpoints or commercial sales teams. Plattar supports all AR deployment methods out of the box.
Leading eCommerce companies use AR to:

  • Enable “View in Home” for customers
  • Deliver remote AR-enabled product demonstrations
  • Transform the B2B sales process with 3D visualisations
  • Enhance tradeshows or display space experiences
  • Omni-channel brand or product launches

3D Product Configurators

Sell more
with less returns

Empower customers to personalise and visualise their dream products in unlimited variations by changing configuration, colours, textures and more. Enrich the experience with out-of-the-box features.

  • Handles the most complex configurations
  • Add advanced interaction features
  • Sophisticated customisation tools
  • Easy integration and webAR-enabled

Virtual Try-On

Personalise the
product discovery

Create engaging ‘try before you buy’ experiences for customers. Enable them to try on your products in AR with a single click. They can customise, interact, and even transact both on desktop and mobile.

  • Web-native 3D/AR to try-on products with a single click
  • Ready to deploy, fast-loading face tracking
  • Optimised for desktop, mobile, and omni-channel
  • Use proven UI/UX templates or customise your own
Integrating Plattar into our eCommerce platform was easy and seamless. The teams love the simplicity of the platform and continue
to experiment with the rich set of features and functionality
that comes with Plattar.
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Rushabh Sanghavi

Chief Commercial Officer, BROSA

One platform. Multiple solutions.

Create interactive
3D virtual environments

Bring real-world scans or 3D modelled spaces into Plattar to create engaging digital environments. Easily build digital walk-throughs, add annotations, configurations, media, user interaction and more. Plus, seamlessly integrate the experience with in web, eCommerce, Apps or instore solutions.

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Extensive in-built analytics

Measure results.
Gain insights.
Improve performance.

Plattar has analytics built into the platform. Gain insights on experience performance, adjust your scenes accordingly, and measure and optimise results across your portfolio. Use the Plattar Report Builder or export data into Google Analytics or other tools.

Self-managed or fully serviced options

We’ve got you covered

Our team of passionate developers and client managers are always on-hand
to support your implementation, help with customisation or provide ongoing support.

3D Content Services

We run efficient 3D content production pipelines that
are optimised for cost-efficient, high-quality outcomes

3D Managed Services

We offer end-to-end managed services for
your content and deployed user experiences