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3D & AR Platforms

The end-to-end platform that bring products to life.

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Plattar makes 3D and AR easy, simple and scalable

Loved by brands, retailers and agencies

Plattar has helped empower companies from wide-ranging industries with amazing results. Whether you’re a brand, retailer or agency, our platform is an accessible, powerful addition to your team.

Built for everyone

Empowering users
of all skill levels

We make building 3D & AR experiences accessible to everyone. With simple drag-and-drop functionality and a no-code required editor, Plattar is easy to use and comes with a fit-for-purpose 3D asset management system. Built-in scene enrichments and user engagement features make building 3D scenes easy and fun.

One simple platform

End-to-end 3D and AR rollouts at your fingertips

Bring your entire 3D and AR experience portfolio under one roof, with smart imports, easy conversion and editing functionality. Simple workflows and collaboration features allow your team to work together, annotate, edit, share and much more.

It’s everything you need in one place.

Scale with ease

Distribute to any touchpoint with minimal effort.

Easily deploy 3D and AR across all touchpoints, devices and operating systems. Plattar offers incredible flexibility and unmatched versatility in supporting a large range of use cases. Deploy your 3D content with just clicks. Publish your 3D and Augmented Reality scene easily to desktop, mobile and omni-channel directly from within the platform.

Easy and fully customisable

Advanced features
and custom scripting

Make it your own

Built-in suite of advanced features let you compose intricate, interactive 3D and AR experiences in a flash. The Plattar API, SDKs and built-in Script Editor empowers developers and advanced users to fully customise their experiences.

” With Plattar we can deliver industry-leading 3D experiences, while saving hugely on cost. “

David Ledger
Head of Industry Engagement
and Strategic Events

Incredible 3D and AR experiences. Incredibly easy.

Why leading companies choose Plattar

Plattar is the leading 3D & AR product visualisation platform that supports a wide range of use cases. Years of experience allows us to deliver highly optimised 3D content production for your clients from across different sectors both locally and globally. Plattar’s drive for innovation and technology leadership gives you the confidence that your in good company – today and in the future.

Short time to value

Proven solutions ready to deploy.
Deploy within days or weeks.
See results instantly.

One Platform

A single solution for multiple touchpoints. Manage 3D&AR
end-to-end from one place.


Built for all users. No coding required. Our suite of developer tools allow for easy customisation.

Complete control

Manage teams, content and projects with complete control over assets and the end user experiences.

Continuous Innovation

Always up to date with the latest in 3D and AR with an ever expanding set of in-built features.

Industry Expertise

Industry pioneer with extensive experience, domain expertise and continuous feature innnovation.

High Quality Content

Efficient, cost-effective production of high-quality 3D content at any scale – supported by pipeline automations.

End-to-end Support

Local support – from planning and execution to GolIve and beyond. A trusted partner in different industries.

Technology, Content and Support

Your trusted partner in 3D & AR product visualisation

With no coding skills required, you can create, curate and deploy your 3D & AR experiences from one single intuitive platform. Easily manage content with our inbuilt CMS, and publish your master assets to the full spectrum of customer touchpoints — all from within the Plattar platform.

One Place. Multiple Solutions.

The only 3D & AR platform you'll ever need

Create exceptional AR product visualisations and unforgettable 3D experiences from within a single platform. No jumping between programs. No installing huge software packages. No steep learning curves. Just fast, simple, easy 3D and AR for everyone.

High-Quality Content

Your products
never looked better

Plattar offers fully managed, end-to-end 3D content management services across industries. We can model your products in 3D and ensure they are optimised for high-quality 3D/AR rendering and a superior user experience.

Get expert support

We're always here to help

Benefit from our long-standing experience in 3D and AR product visualisation. As industry pioneers we can support your team from scoping and implementation to GoLive and beyond. We've developed proven solutions and solved some of the toughest chellenges in bringing products to life. Leverage our expertise in finding the right solution for you.

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