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Publish 3D & AR to multiple touchpoints with the click of a button.

These leading companies publish 3D and Augmented Reality experiences with Plattar

Deliver immersive buying experiences anywhere

One platform. Multiple Touchpoints.

Easily deploy 3D and AR across all touchpoints, devices and operating systems from one place.

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Plattar 3D configurator enables us to create an endless aisle, allowing customers to personalise and view their preferred products instantly. Plattar was easy to implement and we can extend the range in the future at any time.
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Kenneth Norness Jr.

Head of Global Marketing, SpaWorld

Publishing made easy

Incredible experiences at scale – anywhere

Bring the entire process into one place. Plattar platform makes it easy for anyone to deliver high quality 3D & AR scenes to customers in a simple, fast and scalable way. Your products deserve it.

Your products never looked so good in 3D

We champion quality

Leading companies choose Plattar over other solutions because of its proprietary rendering technology, which brings your 3D digital products to life with the high quality and fidelity your products deserve.

  • Dynamic lighting and custom backgrounds
  • Proprietary render engine for superior display
  • Handles complex shapes, surfaces and materials
  • Access to semi-automated content pipelines
  • In-built file optmisation for fast loading and rendering

It’s all about the user experience

Cleaner, faster,
more enjoyable

Benefit from Plattar years of experience in bringing 3D & AR to customers worldwide. Leverage a library of intuitive, simple – yet effective and fully customisable UI templates.

  • Best-in-class, fully customisable
  • Enrich scenes with in-built interaction features
  • Fast rendering in market-leading quality

Data in. Data out. Easy.

Integrates seamlessly

Bring product information into your 3D & AR scenes and integrate outcomes seamlessly with digital and traditional channels.

  • Inbuilt features enable advanced product scenes
  • Embed AR experiences on the web and in apps
  • Connect to digital touchpoints or instore experiences
  • Adapt 3D and AR templates to your brand

Ready for Developers

Scripting and Customisation

Our open-code architecture, the Plattar API, Script Editor and a suite of SDKs and tools enable developers to build functionality on top of our proven solutions.

  • Plattar Script Editor for custom outcomes
  • Easily embed on the web, in apps and other channels
  • Adapt 3D and AR templates to your needs
  • Content converter pipeline for huge savings

Scalable cloud-based architecture

Proven, secure and reliable

Your portfolio hosted on secure, reliable and distributed AWS cloud infrastructure.

  • Completely secure, trusted and proven platform
  • Integrate with your existing systems
  • Distribute one asset to multiple touchpoints
  • Collaborate across teams and across the globe

Solutions proven in the real world

Plattar turnkey solutions

Sell more with less returns

3D Viewers

Showcase features from any angle. Let customers personalise and visualise their selections with confidence.

  • Collections: Show all colour and texture variations.
  • Zoom and 360 Spin to show from any angle
  • Annotate products with text, rich media or animations
  • API enables control of 3D viewer from within the website
  • Switch & Link let's you change between multiple scenes
  • Launch your AR app directly from the mobile browser

cross-platform Augmented Reality

High-Quality AR experiences

See products in context, increase conversion and engagement

With a single click, let customers view products in high resolution and to scale in context of real-world environments.

  • 100% browser-based, with no need for additional apps
  • Optimised for iOS and Android devices
  • Super fast loading and superior display
  • Stay ahead with Plattar latest features updates
  • Extend AR scenes with add-on webXR capabilities
  • Supports older devices to maximise audience reach

3D Configurator

Superior Experience

Sell more customised products.
Achieve lower returns.

Empower customers to personalise and visualise their dream product by changing configurations, colours, and by adding features — all in 3D and in real-time.

  • Handles any size portfolio variations
  • Great flexibility with proprietary rules engine
  • Easily add AR or product interactions
  • Smart-Loader of customer configurations

Virtual Try-On

Empower the customers

Allow customers to try-on, try-out
and customise your products

Plattar try-ons leverage front-facing cameras so customers can experiment, browse and purchase. Showcase your products in their best light and delight your customers with a fully interactive 3D experience, boosting engagement and sales.

  • Optimised for best performance on mobile and desktop
  • Fast to deploy, easy to customise for your brand
  • Leading face recognition technology for faster, better fit

3D Digital Environment

Immersed in a space elsewhere

Make your online store stand out.

Engage customers with an immersive e‑commerce experience. Import 3D custom models or 360 reality scans to recreate spaces virtually. Create custom experiences for brand campaigns, product launches, range viewing. The possibilities are virtually endless.

  • One-lick connection of product pages to 3D viewer.
  • Link to web AR so customers can try out or try on.
  • CTAs that link to online carts or next step to purchase.
  • Set up virtual store tours based on customer segments.

AR Apps

The most advanced AR viewer for Apps

Bring AR into your native App

Supporting Apple's iOS ARKit, Google's ARCore for Android plus older browsers and devices. The Plattar UI Page Builder makes it easy, fast and simple to create stunning AR experiences. Up to date with Google and Apple’s latest AR.

  • Beautiful & simple. Best in class AR experience
  • Best practice app templates
  • Fully brandable and customisable
  • Launch as white label APP or within your App
  • Control any element in the user experience

Ready to get started?

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