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We make it easy to build, manage and publish stunning 3D and Augmented Reality scenes for your website, eCommerce, sales App, instore activation and more. Publish with clicks to anywhere.

Fully Customisable

We make building custom 3D or AR
experience easy for developers

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We make building 3D or AR
experience accessible to all skill levels

Deploy to anywhere

We make building 3D or AR
experience accessible to all skill levels

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Kowledge Base

Articles, FAQs, Videos and more for Plattar users and creators

Release Notes

Stay up to date on Plattar Platform additions, changes and fixes

Developer Docs

Developer focused information on our Platform as well as our SDK and APIs

Open Repo

Get started immediately with our online repository on github


Developer Tools

Create and integrate custom scripting to make Plattar 3D/AR uniquely your own.

Plattar no-code, drag-and-drop editor enables users to build stunning 3D product experiences and AR scenes without the need for technical skills. Developers and advanced users can leverage Plattar’s well-documented API and SDKs to seamlessly integrate outcomes into web, apps and other systems. Plus, our open-code model lets you add custom scripting to customise our UI/UX to suit your brand and needs. Add advanced interaction features to enrich the user experience and reinforce your brand.

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Plattar that allows you to build a range of 3D & AR product experience solutions all from within the platform:

With your trial account you can:

  • Experience the drag-and-drop, no-code experience builder
  • Access the complete feature set to all solutions
  • Create interactive experiences in 3D and AR
  • Build custom solutions using the Plattar script editor
  • Publish your 3D and AR scenes on staging websites
  • Access chat support and our repository of help articles

Plattar API

Our powerful REST API allows you to build on top of Plattar, bringing the power of an AR CMS into your existing products.

SDKs & Converters

Use our Android, IOS and Web SDK’s to bring the power of Plattar and AR into your existing applications. Take advantage of Plattar’s open-source initiatives for existing tools and processes such as Unity3D and Docker.

  • Plattar-web: add Plattar solutions into existing websites
  • plattar-qrcode: generate + add Plattar-styled QR Codes into websites
  • Context-messenger: interface with Plattar frontend services
  • Configurator: base configurator for Plattar Scenes is written in AngularJS

Script Editor

Use our built-in JavaScript scripting interface to write custom functionality to run in your scenes and configurable pages all within the convenience of Plattar’s CMS.


Plattar integrates with all major eCommerce platforms and connects seamlessly to business systems such as DAMs, PIMs, CRM.

Developers can integrate their solutions via Basic Embeds, Database Sync, JSON export or leverage the Plattar REST API to query product information.

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