3D Content & AR Content Management

Manage an unlimited number of
3D assets, scenes and media with ease

Everything in one place

Built for 3D and AR

Intuitively organised and built-for-purpose, the Plattar platform allows users to manage even the most complex product range of any size with ease.

  • Large portfolios and complex, configurable ranges
  • Manage teams across projects
  • Analyse usage and performance data
  • Stay on top of 3D and AR scenes, media files

Learn why the team at BROSA loves our CMS to easily add, edit, and manage their 3D content in Plattar

Integrated solution for digital 3D asset management

Import. Edit. Store. Share. Manage.

Benefit from streamlined workflows that save time and increase productivity.
And most importantly, keep all your 3D and AR assets up-to-date in one place.

All features built in

The smartest 3D & AR platform out there.

An interface that is simple and easy to use.
We makes file management and organisation intuitive and productive.

  • Organisation, search and tagging functionality
  • Automatic file conversions and optimisation
  • Intuitive navigation with our 3D editor
  • Assisted content pipeline saves your team time

Sharing and collaboration

Bring the entire team together

Enjoy access and permission controls across your portfolio, sharing files, prototyping and collaborating with colleagues and clients.

  • Complete user and permission management
  • Enterprise-ready single-sign-on (SSO)
  • Easily upload, share and syndicate content
  • Create teams and collaborate remotely

Adaptable to your needs

Integrate seamlessly

with your existing ecosystem

Plattar has been built to complement your existing systems and workflows, and is easily custom-scripted to suit your needs.

  • Bring in data from CRM, PIM or DAM
  • Integrates with all major eCommerce platforms
  • Own and control media libraries
  • Export content and data out

Capture, analyse, export

Real, measurable results
at your fingertips

Capture and analyse end user data in order to gain insights about the nature, interaction and impact of your outputs, in real time.

  • Inbuilt analytics and reporting
  • Plattar Report Builder to generate custom insights
  • Export data into Google Analytics
  • Use Plattar API/SDK to easily link and export data

Reach every touchpoint

Publish ready? Just click send.

Distribute your 3D product visualisations and Augmented Reality product experiences
to multiple touchpoints with a few clicks. No coding skills required.

Want help managing your 3D & AR product experiences?

Plattar end-to-end services

You don’t have 3D content yet or prefer not to manage content and end-user experiences in-house?
We offer fully managed solutions and our team of experts can support you from 3D content production and technical support to launch and ongoing management

3D Content Services

We run efficient 3D content production pipelines that
are optimised for cost-efficient, high-quality outcomes

3D Managed Services

We offer end-to-end managed services for
your content and deployed user experiences