Augmented Reality Platform Solutions

Plattar Augmented Reality

Showcase your products

Increase buyer confidence

From eCommerce to remote product presentations, tours and walkthroughs,
webAR is a powerful tool to create immersive product experiences and to grow sales.

View at Home

AR is the next step
in eCommmerce excellence

Enable your customers to view, place and experience your products with Augmented Reality. Plattar easily integrates into websites, existing marketing tools or sales applications.

  • Highest quality for optimum display
  • webAR across mobile devices
  • Supports extended webXR for broad reach

Demo in-situ

Remote Product Presentations

Extend your sales reach by bringing immersive product experiences to your customers. Embed interaction features and let users explore your products or spaces in cutting-edge Augmented Reality.

  • Engaging Product Visualisations
  • Create stunning virtual spaces to explore
  • Build immersive walk-throughs

B2B Sales

Reimagine the possible

Rethink how buyers can view, experience and buy your products with Plattar AR. Demonstrate your entire range in high-quality detail and true-to-scale – anywhere.

  • Create endless aisles in store and at home
  • Empower your Field Sales teams
  • Show products in boardrooms and meetings
  • Stand out at tradeshows or showrooms


Enhance customer support
with Augmented Reality

Create AR enahnced pre- and post-sale support experiences with Plattar. Augmented Reality offers new possibilities for step-by-step guides, unboxing experiences and other use cases.

  • Create instructions in 3D for assembly
  • Link to web and phone support
  • Provide interactive servicing guides
  • Unboxing Experiences and more

Next generation customer engagement

Augmented Reality drives sales growth

Integrating Plattar into our eCommerce was easy and seamless. We love the simplicity of the platform and continue to experiment with the rich set of features and functionality that comes with it.
customer image

Rushabh Sanghavi

Chief Commercial Officer, BROSA

Not all Augmented Reality is created equal

Plattar supports all AR deployment options

No matter your goals, Plattar supports the technology that suits you best.


All forms of AR deployment supported out of the box:

Plattar's unique platform and integrations allow you to choose the right one for you: Static AR Viewer to explore products from any angle. Interactive webAR to enrich scenes with annotation, media, CTAs and more. Extended webAR for the largest reach.
Plattar also supports AR for native Apps.

Each deployment method offers a distinct set of features, possibilities for scene enrichment, audience reach and device compatibility.

3D Product Visualisation

Static WebAR Viewers

Increase confidence to buy with immersive visualisation

Let customers virtually view, place and interact with your product in high-definition AR. Easy, simple and fast implementation of proven interface designs.

  • AR viewer with a single button on PDPs
  • Optimised for both Apple Quicklook
  • Optimised Google SceneViewer for Android devices
  • Easy, one-click publishing

Engage and Convert


Plattar webAR allows you to add a range of interactive features to your AR scenes.

Go further with 3D visualisations in AR:

  • Add annotations, audio, video
  • Include animations with custom camera tracks
  • CTAs like add-to-cart and go to checkout
  • Easily build custom features with Plattar SDKs

Reach more people

Extended webAR

Plattar supports external plugins for extended webXR out of the box, allowing you to reach a broader audience.

  • Reach more devices through a web AR portal
  • Spports static and dynamic tracking of scenes
  • Interactive AR options supported
  • Agnostic to device and operating system

Control the AR experience

AR App

AR App experiences but through the web

Enable users to enjoy compelling AR experiences and remove the app download barrier.

  • Easily integrate 3D & AR experiences into your native App
  • Use Plattar Page builder to publish whitelabelled App
  • Enable a 100% branded experience that captures your audience's attention


Choose the market-leading AR platform

Benefit from unique versatility in creating AR. Enjoy complete flexibility in distributing your content.
Get access to the latest features and functionality in AR technology. We cover all your webAR needs.


Automatically optimise AR experiences across systems, devices and touchpoints

In-built Smarts

Save time and money with Plattar suite of automation features


Easily add user interactions for depper engagement and higher conversion

Multi-Trigger Support

Use images, QR codes, locations or
links to trigger your AR experience

Customise with ease

Easily customise outcomes via using Plattar API, SDKs, API and Script Editor


Supports any product range,
team setup or geographic reach

Augmented Reality

Engaging extention to industry-leading solutions

Plattar lets you add Augmented Reality to Plattar 3D webViewers, Configurators, and Face Try-On.

3D Viewer

3D Viewers
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Any product. Any angle. All variations. Our leading 3D HD Viewer brings photo-real , 360° interactive products to your customers. It's easy. powerful, and versatile. Anyone can use Plattar and its incredible suite of built-in features.

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Virtual Try-On

Virtual Try-On
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Enable customers to try products on with a single click, Let them configure, interact and even transact from Plattar Try-On experiences on both mobile and desktop devices. Showcase your products in their best light and delight your customers with a personal frame discovery experience that boosts engagement, conversion and sales.

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Product Configurator

3D Configurator
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Empower customers to view any product configuration at home, in the showroom or on the go. Showcasing your configurable products in high-quality 3D - Plattar Configurator handles even the most complex product variations with ease,

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