3D Product Viewer

From HD 360° spinners to interactive product presentations and more

Plattar 3D Viewer

Engaging, high-fidelity product visualisation made easy

Our cloud-based product viewer brings photo-real, 360° interactive products to your customers. Powerful, versatile, with incredible features, beautiful UI, and optimised for cross-platform.performance.

Basic 3D Viewer

Enhance product display by simply embedding 3D models of your products.
Let customers interact with your range on your website, app or sales tool.

  • Showcase your products in 360
  • Product zoom and panning
  • Unconstraint viewing of any angle

New Standard in 3D Viewers

Showcase product features in a revolutionary new way

  • Showcase your products in 360
  • Zoom and Pan
  • Set up camera angles
  • Attached rich media (video, images, text)
  • annotation points

The advanced 3D Viewer

Offer your customers the best 3D and AR viewer experience. Plattar Advanced 3D Viewer offer everything you need in one simple and easy to deploy solution.

Bring your products to life like never before:

  • Showcase your products in 360, with zoom and Pan
  • Set camera angles, attach rich media (video, images, text)
  • Launch Animations, customize scene background, lighting
  • Integrate call-to-action. seamleesly extend into AR
  • Build custom solution with PEX Scripting

Product Experiences of the next generation

One solution for all your 3D Viewer needs

Plattar is the leading 3D product experience builder that enables everyone to create stunning 3D & AR scenes. No coding skills required. Yet developers can easily build custom functionality on top of the platform. We bring the entire process - from creation to deployment - into one easy-to-use platform.

The most advanced 3D Viewer

Easy, ready to deploy

Build engaging 3D product visualisations and stunning AR scenes with just clicks. Supports the latest in Apple's iOS ARKit, Google's ARCore plus older browsers and devices.

  • Photorealistic outcomes and super fast load times
  • Library of customisable UI/UX templates
  • Fully featured, drag-and-drop scene editor
  • Plattar API and SDKs for easy embeds into web, App, etc.

Engage your customers

Built-in Interaction Features

Interaction builds engagement. Deeper engagement increases buyer confidence. Plattar interaction features let you sell more with less returns.

  • 360 Spin & zoom: Show all angles and close up
  • Include rich context through product annotations
  • Add sound, images, video playback or animations
  • Show and hide product components
  • Launch Augmented Reality directly from the browser

Plattar Configurator

For the most complex products

Let customers easily configure custom designs and update product attributes such as parts, color, textures and more.

  • Handles even the most complex configurations
  • Responsive and optimised for mobile and desktop
  • Collections: Show all colour and texture variations
  • Plattar API enables full control from within the website
  • UI preview to see the look & feel before you publish

Be at the forefront

Advanced Features

Our advanced features and continuous innovation keep you always updated with the latest in 3D and AR. Stay ahead with Plattar:

  • Multi-object scene configurations
  • Switch & Link to move between multiple scenes
  • Call-to-action, links, nested actions
  • Fly-throughs, presentations with custom camera tracks
  • Dynamic lighting and custom backgrounds
  • .... and much more

Best-in-class User Experience

UI/UX Controls

Our proven, best-practise and fully customisable UI templates covering a broad range of use cases across industries.

  • Proven UI/UX template library for many use cases
  • API to control the 3D viewer from within your website
  • Custom scripting to align UI to your brand objectives
  • Plattar SDKs to develop functionality on top of Plattar

Customise to your needs

Dev Tools & Integrations

Plattar is easy and simple enough to make 3D and AR accessible to all users. Yet, our open architecture and tools enable developers to build custom solutions.

  • Plattar API for seamless data integration
  • Suite SDKs and Plattar Script Editor for custom builds
  • Supports extended webAR and Google webXR
  • Tools for an automated content conversion pipeline
  • Integrates with Google Analytics

Extend 3D Viewers with just clicks

Add webAR

Find out how leading companies drive engagement
and sales growth with Plattar AR solutions.

Don't be late to the 'new normal'

Immersive Buying

3D & AR make buying more personalised and immersive than ever before. Plattar let's you enrich your eCommerce shopper journey, transform your sales process or enhance the instore experience.

eCommerce and Online

Embed 3D Viewers

on your website

Allow customers to browse, customise, personalise and buy online. No additional apps required. Implementation is easy and works seamlessly across devices.

Marketing & Sales

Present your products. Anywhere. Anytime.

Show all variations from any angle

Take your products with you anywhere, and showcase them in boardrooms, showrooms, and out in the field. Present high-quality, high-fidelity product visualisations from any angle, and in all detail.

Instore & Omni-channel

Create high-impact
in-store experiences

Enhance the in-store experience for your customers by integrating AR and 3D product visualisation experiences. Use visual or loaction-based triggers to launch 3D visualisations in real-world environments for higher engagement and conversion.