Allow customers to try on
every colour, every style.

Virtual Try-On

Empower your customers

Personalised product discovery that’s fun and engaging

Our web-native 3D visualisation and AR technology enable customers to configure, try on and even transact with just clicks. Choose the leading AR Try-On platform that’s simple, fast and realible.

Create a modern shopping experience that’s real-time, interactive and increases sales.


Empower the customer

Create purchase confidence in real-time

Enable shoppers to try-on products directly from their mobile phone. Intuitive to use, high quality rendering and direct interaction that grow conversion and reduce costly returns.

  • Web-native AR Try-On with a single click
  • Optimised for Apple and Android devices
  • Customisable UI for an optimum, branded experience
  • Publish to web, App and omnichannel – all from one pace


Let them find the perfect fit

Enable shoppers to try on your products in store or at home. Advanced facial recognition and proprietary render technology create stunning, photo-real Augmented Reality try-on experiences your customers will love.

  • Super fast load times of your entire product catalogue
  • Auto-optimisation across devices and platforms
  • Enable configure, interact and transact with ease

Full flexibility

Enjoy complete freedom

when creating your try-on experience

The Plattar AR try-on platform allows you to customise the user experience. Our pre-configuration technbology allow users to change frame type, colour, lenses, or any other configurable part near real-time – no matter how many product variations there are.

Choose Plattar Try-On for other wearble products like helmet, hats, and more.

We saw online sales conversion grow by 600% – within a couple of months after launch. We’re moving more of our range onto Plattar.
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James Kerridge

Head of Marketing& Digital,
Bailey Nelson

Incredible 3D & AR experiences. Incredibly easy.

Increase your ROI with Plattar

One asset. Multiple uses.

One asset can be deployed in different ways and across touchpoints
with all solutions already built into Plattar. It’s easy to create, manage, distribute 3D & AR experiences.

Highest Quality

Proprietary technology for
high-fidelity rendering on the fly

Fast, Reliable

Proven solution that’s flexible
to adapt and fast to implement


Easily integrate Plattar. Add custom
scripting for unique UI/UX solutions

Performance Insights

Gain inishgts from inbuilt scene tracking,
custom reports or export data into analytics tools

Simple Integration

Integrate into eCommerce, business systems and
sales applications. Full support when you need it.

Turnkey Solutions

Save cost, reduce risk, empower your team
by choosing the leading platform solution

Get started today

The only 3D and AR platform your team will ever need

With no coding skills required, you can create, curate and deploy your 3D & AR experiences from one single intuitive platform. Easily manage content with our inbuilt CMS, and publish your master assets to the full spectrum of customer touchpoints — all from within the Plattar platform.

End-to-end, fully managed

Our team can implement a transition to Plattar within weeks, or even days. We’ll consider your specific industry and requirements, and implement your use case and products onto our platform. We also provide ongoing management and on-call technical support, plus full training for you and your team.

Self-managed, customisable

Unlike other platforms, Plattar doesn’t require coding skills. Your team can build, manage and distribute 3D and AR experiences across multiple touchpoints with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Yet, you can completely customise the outcome by building on top of Plattar.