3D Content & 3D Design

From planning and production through to deployment.
We’ve got your pipeline covered.

Results your products deserve

High-quality content at scale

You don’t have 3D content? We can manage the entire production for you – efficiently and cost effectively without compromises on quality, fidelity and performance of final assets. Benefit from our long-standing experience and leverage the Plattar creator network and proprietary content automations.

Plattar delivered amazing 3D content quality across range of complex surfaces and materials. The team – and the entire process – was very effective, reduced our internal efforts to an absolute minimum and worked extremely well together with our overall solution on Plattar. My team has developed an incredible trust with Plattar that they will deliver great quality on time and within budget.
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Single Speed Bycles

Streamlined 3D content production

The process behind the magic

Plattar content experts have long-standing experience in supporting clients of all sizes with highly efficient content pipelines for different industries and product categories. Our focus is on the balance between quality, performance and cost. Your products never looked better in 3D.

Planning through to implementation

Allow us to make implementation simple.

With years of experience, we can guide you through the planning stage. Share product images, dimensions, specifications, and swatches with our team so we can reproduce products with lifelike photographic realism.

  • Detailed, full transparent planning and quoting
  • Comprehensive, end-to-end approach
  • Tailored to your team skills and resources

Optimised production process

Working with the
best in the business.

We work with a network of internal and external content creators, artists and animators that are proven industry specialists. Combined with our automated processes, Plattar 3D Content Production drives efficiency and scalability at optimised costs with minimal client effort.

  • Trusted network of high-calibre talent
  • Automation and conversion tools
  • Streamlined iteration and approval system

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Because only the highest quality should do.

In the realm of 3D and AR product visualisation, quality, fidelity and realism matter. Our simple, intuitive QA system optimises the review process and ensures a high-impact outcome, every time.

  • Rigorous, secure review and approval systems
  • Close collaboration with your team.
  • High quality standards

Easy Deployment

Bring 3D models to life
with just clicks

Enjoy incredible flexibility and unmatched versatility in publishing your 3D and AR product content. Deliver on your brand promise with the highest quality user experiences on web, mobile, App or across channels – at any scale. Deploy your 3D content and scenes with just clicks directly from within the platform.

  • Easy, simple and fast to use – at any scale
  • Reach multiple touchpoints with one asset
  • Optimised for performance and best-in-class UX
  • End-to-end support when you need it

Check out our work

At Plattar, we run 3D model production at any scale
and for a wide range of industries.

Plattar Studio

Render photo-quality video
and images from 3D assets

Virtualise your product imagery for campaigns in other marketing channels. Or use Plattar Studio to animate your 3D Viewer scene. Empower your team to create high-quality images and short-form videos with complete freedom and at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography.

Save big money with Plattar Studio.

  • Set camera angles freely with virtual tripods and rigs
  • Auto transition smoothing, pan, zoom and rotation
  • Output preview, fast rendering, including batch rendering
  • Export hi-res images and video: 4k PNG + 720p video

Maximise your 3D investment

One asset. Multiple uses.

Create your 3D product just once, then use it in multiple ways across
a range of touchpoints — all straight from within the Plattar platform.