To make product experiences, product relationships.

This is our mission at Plattar.

Our Mission

It takes a leap of faith to buy anything sight unseen.

With increasing amounts of business being done online and at a distance, building long lasting, trusted relationships with customers is harder and harder.

From product discovery, try ons and try outs, demonstration to purchase, to fulfillment and post sales support, new opportunities exist to invision and experience products without the limitations of memory or physical vision.

To amplify your vision

This is our mission at Plattar.

Our Story

At Plattar, we create new ways to see and understand the world. And we are starting with products.

Our founder, Rupert Deans grew up with dyslexia as a child and relied heavily on visual learning. As an adult, Rupert was drawn to the use of visualisation techniques to solve problems. In particular, he was often left questioning why we have so much 2D content in a 3D world

The emergence of AR changed all that. In AR Rupert saw the transformational potential to blend the digital and physical worlds,
to help everyone visualize and imagine in 3 dimensions, and make information more visual and contextual. The profound potential to transform the physical world with information was here.

In 2012 Plattar Was Formed

Who We Are

The Plattar team brings together years of experience in marketing, digital agencies and business-to-business software companies. We believe that digital experiences can transform physical realities and make the world more engaging, interesting and fun.

Plattar Is Built With Love In Melbourne, Australia

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