We make building accessible to anyone.

Our intuitive no-code tools lets creators build in 3D and AR with ease.

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Drag and drop
content editor.

Build simple products or complex scenes in our easy to use CMS.

No code UI

Simple creation and preview of 3D & AR Viewers, Configurators, Web and App UIs.

Template &
content library.

Access best practice examples to build faster and with proven user experiences.

Versatile AR.

Supports a broad range of use cases, trigger methods, anchors types and deploys across browsers and apps.

Animations, Audio & Custom Scripting

Create engaging, interactive 3D and AR experiences - as simple or as intricate as you like.

One platform for a 3D world.

Select outcome

  • Out-of-the-box templates
  • Build viewers viewers, configurators & more
  • Create ecommerce and field sales tools
  • Simple themes & branding wizards
  • Simple to customise to your look and feel

Curate content

  • Bring together your products
  • Import raw 3D content
  • Bulk upload and file translation
  • Leverage your existing 3D models
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Add product info, annotations and links


  • Create products, components and variations
  • Create product configurators
  • Compose scenes & app actions
  • Set environments, light & mood
  • Add annotations, images and videos
  • Build custom viewers and AR apps

Publish & deploy

  • Publish AR Web to iOS, Android and older devices
  • Supports AR Quick Look and Android Model Viewer
  • Embed 3D viewers & configurators
  • Embed in Web with 1 line of code
  • Deployment to native apps to iOS & Android
  • Export photos, video and AR ad formats

Analyze & update

  • Update 3D assets and deploy in seconds
  • Track engagement and attribution
  • Analytics and logging or all interactions
  • Full Google Apps support
  • Simple to use and manage


  • Support multiple projects & user access
  • Centralised 3D asset management
  • Dashboards for all scenes and products
  • Role based permissions
  • Export files in GLTF and USDZ formats

3D & AR Touchpoints

At the heart of the Plattar Platform is our 3D CMS: The Experience Builder. One place to curate, manage and deploy all your 3D & AR assets. No coding skills needed.

AR Web Viewers

Reach more people, from the world’s leading mobile platforms. Be first to market with browser-based AR.

3D Viewers

View products from any angle directly from any website or mobile.

Virtual Showroom

Let your customers virtually walk through your store and browse, try out and buy your products.

3D Configurators

Personalization and customization so the customer can bring their touch on your products.

AR Apps

Rapidly create, customise and deploy your own Augmented Reality apps for iOS & Android. Stand-alone or in your own app with Plattar’s embeddable SDKs.

3D Photo & Video

Select any 3D product, rotate to the angle required and export out hi res images or video.

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