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David Trubridge: Unique design in a new light

The lighting company uses Plattar cutting-edge AR solution for vertical placement with dynamic lighting.

David Trubridge is a New Zealand-based lighting studio that designs and manufactures natural, artisan pendant light masterpieces. Driven by a strong environmentally conscious philosophy, the company works on developing ideas and artistic design pieces for an international client base, producing private commission work, public art and licensed designs. David Trubridge is comprised of two distinct yet congruous areas: production, which manufactures the stock lights and furniture, and the design studio.


Customer Journey

Higher confidence
in purchase decision


Leading Solution

Best-in-class webAR
for vertical placement

Trade Sales

Deeper Engagement

Demo products in sales meeting
More cost-effective showcasing

Business Challenge

Does it fit? How will it look?

Whether it’s for commercial or residential projects, the lighting of a space is so important to its overall enjoyment and success. Visualising each design and the light and shadows they create is something David Trubridge strives to do for each customer project, but this is also one of the company’s biggest challenges.

Lighting is an experience. Not only do different users have different needs and expectations of this experience, but traditional product photography cannot fully convey how a light will look in a specific space. Beautiful imagery is just that, but it is static in nature and only shows a particular material or feature from a certain angle.

David Trubridge’s lighting designs are also large, and photography cannot demonstrate how it will look to scale in a buyer’s environment. What’s more, these images aren’t reusable when products are adapted or new designs are introduced.

As a high-end, creative brand, it is vital that David Trubridge’s customer experience reflects this. The business needed a solution that enhanced the customer experience for all users – commercial, residential and resellers – providing a better way for these clients to see a light’s features in detail, explore customisation options and bring it to life in their desired space.

By digitising our product range we’ve been able
to showcase our lights in a whole new way.
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Ben Pearce

Head of Marketing, David Trubridge

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Approach and Solution

Plattar webAR
for vertical placement

To solve this, David Trubridge chose Plattar, the 3D & AR product experience platform. The lighting company worked with the Plattar team on implementing its leading 3D Product Viewer and webAR solution, with vertical placement and dynamic lighting as standard features.

Integrated into David Trubridge’s eCommerce platform, Plattar allows all customers to explore various designs, textures and colours in detail, and place the model in situ, correct to scale, including realistic shadows – all with just a single click.

Plattar’s turn-key white labelled SaaS solution was easily customised and integrated into David Trubridge’s eCommerce engine, with View at Home embedded into each product page. Plattar also supported the David Trubridge team to self-manage the platform through its Plattar account.

Plattar enables David Trubrigde to:

  • Seamlessly connect the purchase journey for its customers, whether online or in-store.
  • Customise AR product experiences and add their own branding and style.
  • Create new 3D assets quickly and with ease as new products or product variations are introduced.
  • Be supported by Plattar, with detailed onboarding and training for multiple team members
  • Connect into their existing website CMS with no other systems needed.

Outcome and Results

Plattar enabled David Trubridge to showcase its product range in an innovative, on-brand, and flexible way. Easy self-management of the platform means the team and digitise new products, create lighting scenes and launch new AR-enabled product views online with convincing results and great ROI.

With Plattar, David Trubridge has been able to:

  • Improve buyer conversion online and instore
  • Provide a market-leading, visually impactful brand experience to every customer segment
  • Simplify the sales process by more clearly showcasing various products and their features in-situ
  • Enhance the end-to-end customer journey by bringing lighting to life digitally with real-life fidelity
  • Empower resellers: Giving the B2B network an immersive tool for showcasing lighting solutions
  • Improve organisational efficiency – adding new 3D & AR product visualisations with just click
  • Client Testimonial

    View at Home enables our business and retail customers to select the best size and number and experience them right in the very space they are intended for. For our business customers with many stakeholders, this visualisation makes it possible for them to have the confidence in the specification of our lighting. Establishing this confidence is key to conversion of sales whether remote or in person. Since integrating Plattar we have seen a significant uplift in conversion of sales through our retail channels, tracking the engagement with View at Home. We look forward to continuing evolving the View at Home user experience as the Plattar platform and web AR continuously evolves with new features and capabilities.
    customer image

    Ben Pearce

    Head of Marketing, David Trubridge

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