Reimagined their sales process with 3D and AR

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Client: SAAB

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SAAB: Forward-thinking

SAAB is an industry-leading systems provider and capability integrator for defence, civil and security projects worldwide. The company has been developing and delivering proven defence capability for over 32 years, with operations on every continent. Its products and services range from Fighter Systems, to Ground Combat weapons, to Submarines. SAAB prides itself on developing, adapting and improving its digital and technology ecosystem to meet customers’ changing needs.

The Challenge

Showcase equipment

in the boardroom

Several years back, SAAB was ahead of the market in recognising the need to implement a more efficient and innovative sales process that reflected the brand’s forward-looking approach, showcased the complexities of its products in an impressive way, and replaced the expensive and difficult task of physically transporting and demonstrating large, complex products across global customer meetings and events.

SAAB sought a technology partner to reimagine the sales process and get the market talking with an innovative visualisation tool. The solution needed to offer maximum visual impact, be fully customisable according to different sales settings and product specifications, scalable in line with future business needs, and overcome the existing transportation inefficiencies.

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Approach and Solution

A digitised sales process

SAAB found the solution in partnership with 3D and Augmented Reality platform, Plattar. In 2016, Plattar originally developed an in-built, branded AR application for SAAB, which was then market first that enabled remote selling and on-the-road showcasing of product solutions.

Since then, Plattar has continued to innovate and evolve SAAB’s AR capabilities. Plattar’s unique, multi-touch point deployment includes a 3D Viewer for products on the website, combined with interactive 3D presentations and Augmented Reality displays – suitable for a broad range of devices in various sales settings.

Multi touchpoint Solution

From remote boardrooms, to major Trade Shows, to home offices during COVID-19, for five years Plattar has been empowering SAAB’s team to deliver an unrivalled, 3D and AR-powered product experience and demonstration from anywhere.

  • Branded AR App to support sales meeting on client sites – showcasing products and their various configurations
  • 3D Viewer for products embedded in the website
  • Interactive 3D presentations showcasing key technical information, making it accessible and easy to understand
  • WebAR touch points for use at Trade Shows
  • Plattar high quality 3D content creation and management services.

Any product. One solution.

Today, SAAB can bring any large equipment closer to their clients, colleagues and decision-makers.

Plattar 3D & AR product experiences support board room discussion, client demonstrations and sales meetings. SAAB simply adds 3D true-to-scale models, product annotations, media playback and animation reels or Augmented Reality functionality to a product scene.

We are now able to bring our large products into boardrooms and exhibitions while allowing us to highlight the key features and capabilities in an interactive experience.
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David Ledger

Head of Industry Engagement
and Strategic Events

Outcome and Results

A long-standing partnership of innovation

In partnership with Plattar, SAAB has reimagined how it sells complex products through a technology-first approach that represents its brand ethos.

SAAB’s sales teams can wow their customers with immersive, 3D and AR powered product experiences anywhere on the globe, while saving considerable time and expense through a single, user-friendly platform that simplifies product demonstrations and eliminates transportation hurdles.

Support Bids and Wins

Reduced transportation expenses

Positive brand reinforcement

Aligned to digitised sales roadmap

3D & Augmented Reality Product Experiences

Why leading companies choose Plattar

Leading Pioneers

We make it easy and accessible for everyone

We are ground-breakers. Always on the cutting edge of the fast-paced, ever evolving technology space that shifts the possibility of how people view and experience products.

Our platform solution goes beyond delivering stunning product experiences and offers businesses unrivalled versatility in increasing the returns on content investment and publishing to multiple touchpoints with full control over the end user experience and all from within the Plattar platform.

Plattar is unique

The only 3D & AR
platform you need

Plattar cloud-based platform is a ready-to-deploy, end-to-end solution for 3D viewers, webAR, product configurators, virtual showroom and face try-on use cases across any industry or size of product range.

The simply drag-and-drop interface includes a rich suite of built-in features. Choose from proven UI templates or easily build custom user experiences that seamlessly integrate with your systems and eCommerce platform.

It's the only 3D and AR product experience platform your teams will ever need.

Get the right support

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Whether you want to manage the platform yourself, or have us do it for you - we offer personalised, ongoing support for all skill levels and team sizes.

From early planning to launch and beyond, we provide end-to-end support, including high quality, cost effective 3D Content Services, technical and ongoing platform management. Benefit from our long-standing experience in 3D and AR product visualisation. We can support your team from scoping and implementation to GoLive and beyond.