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Bailey Nelson: Innovator and Disruptor

Over the past decade, the service-based, clinical, and high price optical industry has been upended. Leading this disruption is Australian eyewear company Bailey Nelson, which entered the market in 2012 offering quality, designer eyewear and personalised eyecare at a reasonable price. Since then, the company has grown rapidly, now operating around 80 stores across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada, with its sights set on continued global expansion and broader penetration across market segments.



Increase in online conversion
for AR-enabled products



Try-On visitors view 3x
more products online



Online customers use Try-On
– only weeks after launch

Business Challenge

Innovate. Reinvent. Fast.

Like for many businesses, the onset of the health crisis in 2020 created significant operational challenges for the specticles company. In the space of a week, Bailey Nelson was forced to temporarily shut a large number of its stores globally, which impacted the majority of its business revenues.

As consumers gravitated even more towards online shopping, Bailey Nelson’s team were tasked with implementing solutions that would recover lost revenue and differentiate the brand in a crowded eCommerce space.

At the heart of the challenge: Create an online frame discovery experience similar to the one customers received in stores. It was crucial for the team to ensure that what customers try on online matched what would then arrive in the mail.

Bailey Nelson had previously considered virtual try-on solutions, but found many of the solutions in the market were outdated and, critically, did not utilise the latest capabilities across multiple generations of iPhone. As an industry pioneer, the company needed a solution that was fast to market, met their high expectations of customer experience and allowed Bailey Nelson to deploy a single content-managed solution across different touchpoints that was easy for its team to scale and update over time.

We chose Plattar because they were forward-thinking,
had a market-leading solution and build on the latest tech stack.
customer image

James Kerridge

Head of Marketing & Digital, Bailey Nelson

The joint approach

Personalised frame discovery online

Bailey Nelson partnered with end-to-end 3D and AR platform, Plattar, to develop a Virtual Try-On solution that would give customers the ability to digitally try out frames, change their choice in real-time, and do so from anywhere and on any device.

The Plattar Virtual Try-On solution would be integrated into Bailey Nelson’s eCommcerce store as well as used in store in the future. Thus, the personalised frame discovery experience would need to be optimised for both desktop and mobile automatically.

A market-leading solution

Plattar’s end-to-end platform made it easy for Bailey Nelson to test and deploy the solution in the initial phases, through to full production across a range of products and variants.
Importantly, Plattar quickly onboarded and trained the Marketing teams to self-manage the platform, its content management system and drag-and-drop experience builder.

Direct access to Plattar 3D content management system (CMS) and computer vision library enabled the team to manage, edit and publish 3D assets and AR experiences in-house. IN close partnership, a tailored 3D content production pipeline was established that to suit the company’s needs. Plattar’s turn-key SaaS platform was easily integrated into Bailey Nelson’s Shopify-powered website and internal systems with a custom branded user interface. Beginning with a trial of 60 products, Plattar embedded Virtual Try On into each product page and drew on the capabilities of multiple touchpoints to create a consistent Virtual Try On experience across the complete range of devices – desktop, Apple and Android.

In a second launch phase, Plattar was able to extend its existing 3D Viewer to enable users to try on Bailey Nelson’s products via the TrueDepth camera on a supported device such as the iPhone X, 11 or 12. With the stunning realism of 3D using the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone, Plattar created an unparalleled virtual experience that makes it hard to tell what is real and what is virtual.

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Outcome and Results

4-6x higher conversion

Bailey Nelson’s Virtual Try On for desktop and mobile enjoyed immediate uptake by users with 1 in 8 website visitors using the personalised frame discovery experience for enabled products only weeks after launch. The intuitive user experience and high quality AR experiences are reflected through the impressive uplift in online buyer confidence and sales. Since launching the integrated Plattar solution across the full product range, Bailey Nelson has seen online sales conversion increase by 400-600% in different countries. And, website visitors who use the try-on experience view three times more products than visitors who don’t.

Bailey Nelson appreciated Plattar’s strong support throughout the implementation and welcomed the extra benefits of being able to tap into the team’s expertise, the latest iPhone technology, as well as continued training and guidance in self-managing the Plattar platform. Adding Plattar to its customer journey is straightforward and is easy for Bailey Nelson’s team to maintain and scale.

Embedding the Plattar Virtual Try-On online and instore was only the first step in the integrated retailers’ 3D and Augmented Reality journey. Today, the team has already begun using other in-built features of the platform to enhance the customer experience further.

And, the local Plattar team will be right along their side as Bailey Nelson continues to innovate, disrupt and grow their markets.

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