Plattar revolutionises SKOPE’s online experience with a powerful tool for product visualisation and sales support

Industry: Commercial Appliance| B2B

Client: SKOPE

Plattar Solutions: 3D Viewer & WebAR

Country: Australia, New Zealand, Online

SKOPE: Commercial Refrigeration

Founded in 1942 as a family-owned company, SKOPE provides commercial refrigeration and food service products for the global market and is known for their innovative design and world-class manufacturing. Focusing on product excellence, SKOPE wants to ensure clients see them as a dependable brand that exceeds expectations. Their success up to now comes due to their craftsmanship and ability to evolve and develop their product range to consistently meet ever-changing customer demands.

Improved Conversion Rates

Increased retention rates, website traffic and client conversions.

Enhanced visual merchandising

Improved customer decision-making.

High Quality 3D & AR models

Phenomenal quality at a cost-effective price.

Business Challenge

Getting it right the first time

For SKOPE’s customers, key factors include not only the performance of the unit but also the visual merchandising of products within the in-store experience. Whether it’s a quick visit to a convenience store or a longer bar and restaurant dining experience, choosing the best refrigeration and food service products is a considerable investment that SKOPE customers want to get right the first time. However, finding the right display fridge online can be challenging.

People struggle to understand how a particular fridge unit will look in their business and how their goods will be displayed. A lot of the range is also customisable and difficult to display in a showroom.

SKOPE knew business to business (B2B) marketing was evolving quickly and it was the right time to empower their sales representatives to showcase the entire product range remotely through 3D & AR product visualisation.

As a result, SKOPE partnered with Plattar to provide the 3D and AR solution that enables their Sales Representatives to visualise each SKOPE display fridges size, colour and specification so they can be configured, compared and the end solution selected.

SKOPE understands that the visual presentation of products plays a crucial role in attracting customers and selling our product. With 3D and webAR, our customers can now showcase SKOPE products in a visually appealing and interactive way. This technology allows for realistic representations of our refrigeration and food service products, enabling end users to envision how they would look and function in their own establishments. By integrating the Plattar 3D & AR product experience platform into our digital channels, SKOPE has elevated its business-to-business marketing approach. This integration has provided numerous benefits to our customers in the commercial refrigeration and food service industry.
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Claire Norcliffe

Marketing Projects Manager

Approach & Solution

A turn-key SaaS solution for an engaging customer experience

Plattar’s approach to digitising SKOPE’s product range was to first determine commonalities across products, identifying the structure of variations across door and colour options for an efficient production process. Plattar utilised the supplied CAD files to produce the base product models.

Each base model included 3D animations of product features and maintenance processes. Once the base model was completed, highly realistic 3D models of each door option, colour and either left or right orientation were then produced.

Plattar’s turn-key SaaS solution was easily implemented onto SKOPE’s website, where current and prospective clients can now have a rich and engaging product experience. The solution includes a ‘view in 3D’ functionality where users can view the product from all angles rather than a limited number of images. This experience is further enhanced through the use of annotations the SKOPE team created via the easy-to-use CMS interface, highlighting to customers how the product works, the benefits of specific features.

To top it off, the ‘view in AR’ functionality was embedded into each product page, allowing clients to make crucial decisions as to how the product fits and feels in their business environment.

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Outcome and Results

An innovator in their space

SKOPE welcomed the opportunity to demonstrate the innovation in their products by bringing them to life in 3D & AR:

Enhanced visual merchandising – With 3D and webAR, SKOPE can now showcase its products in a visually appealing and interactive way using annotation points to showcase product features. This technology allows for realistic representations of its refrigeration and food service products, enabling customers to envision how they would look and function in their own establishments.

Remote sales support – With custom branded 3D & AR product configurators SKOPE’s sales representatives can connect to customers online and work through their requirements and then visualise the product solutions without the need for the customer to view the SKOPE products in a showroom or the SKOPE representative to make an on-site visit. This saves time and resources for both customers and sales representatives.

Increased engagement – the use of 3D and AR experiences on the Plattar platform has resulted in significantly increased customer engagement. At events like the recent Fine Foods trade show, SKOPE experienced four times the normal traffic and an average engagement time of over a minute. The high-quality visualisations and user-friendly interface of the platform captivated visitors and effectively demonstrated the features and benefits of SKOPE’s products.

Improved customer decision-making – investing in commercial refrigeration and food service products is a significant decision for SKOPE’s customers. By providing them with an immersive 3D and AR experience, SKOPE enables them to make more informed choices, giving brands the ability to view what a SKOPE fridge would look like with their products. They can explore different product configurations, visualise how the products will fit within their spaces, and assess their functionality, ultimately helping them make the right investment decisions.

Easy adoption and experimentation – SKOPE’s team has been able to independently create 3D & AR product configurators that have been custom branded for key customers. Along with other platform features SKOPE has continued to experiment and improve the product visualisation experience for their customers.

Plattar and SKOPE’s relationship has continued to grow with more and more products now displayed using 3D and webAR technology.

Client Testimonial

Here at SKOPE, we pride ourselves on striving towards the future and utilising innovative technologies to push the boundaries of our products. We’re constantly asking ourselves, ‘how can we improve our clients’ experience.’

SKOPE provides commercial refrigeration and food service products for the global market and is known for their innovative design and world-class manufacturing. Showcasing our innovative design to customers through 3D and AR visualisation made sense and once we had our first product category modelled it opened new ways to support our sales and marketing teams.

Our 3D products have been created from their CAD files preserving a very high level of both interior and exterior detail alongside the use of animations and annotations has elevated our product pages on our website. Creating a solution for the customer by configuring in 3D helps us show how our display fridges look and how they want it stocked. Then placing that personalised configuration in AR right helps find the fit and make the connection for each customer. The quality of the AR received great feedback at the Fine Foods trade expo.

Today, our team creates branded 3D and AR product configurators for our clients on Plattar using our 3D product models. We create images and 360 spin videos using the Photo Studio and continue to experiment with features and functionality as we bring more of our range into 3D and AR. We look forward to a continued partnership with Plattar to keep us at the forefront of 3D & AR product experiences.
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Claire Norcliffe

Marketing Projects Manager