Rich 3D & AR experiences for every mobile device.

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Augmented reality for the web is here

With Google 3D & AR Search to drive SEO ranking for sites with 3D assets, Apple’s AR Quick Look and Android Scene Viewer, the platform enablers of the AR web are here.

Combine native performance with the broadest reach.

Plattar optimises performance for the latest iOS devices with ARKit and for Android with ARCore. Older devices are supported through our own Plattar Viewer.

Go beyond simple 3D interactions.

Create rich interactive content beyond what is possible with AR Quick Look and Model Viewer and make that available on the web with Plattar Viewer.

Image targets for the web.

Instantly detect and track any uploaded image including product packaging, posters, in-store displays, outdoor, print advertisements and more.

Consumers are ready for AR


would use AR to see a product before buying


see how big or small items are before buying them*


would use AR to preview product customisations


would pay more for a product if they were part of the AR experience in retail

But creating, managing and publishing 3D & AR content across ever-changing distribution platforms is complex. And it’s only getting harder.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Your partner in web 3D & AR, Plattar helps you create content, curate and craft your product experiences and optimize their performance for every touch point. Plattar provides the software and infrastructure and takes the complexity out of the process so you can focus on creating amazing products.

3D & AR Commerce. No app needed.

Built from scratch for the web, Plattar optimises the performance of your 3D content across iOS devices, Android and desktop browsers.

iOS with Apple’s AR Quick Look Apple’s web 3D & AR viewing format.

With newly announced iOS13 features such as enhanced occlusion, using USDZ file output, optimised for iOS users on modern devices.

Android with Google’s Scene Viewer Google’s web 3D & AR viewing format.

Optimised for Google search, using gLTF file output for optimal feature support and end user experience.

Extended mobile web support Support olders device with browser based AR.

Designed for older devices OS and browsers for those that want to reach a broader user base on mobile web.

3D Web Viewers: 360 spin with AR placement for Web XR browsers.

Embed interactive 3D products on your website - pan, Zoom and place in AR.

Experience Builder

Curate, build & deploy. Curate and enrich your 3D content, then simply drag & drop to deploy. No coding skills needed.

AR Web Viewers

Reach more people, from the world’s leading mobile platforms. Be first to market with browser-based AR.

3D Viewers

View products from any angle directly from any website or mobile.

3D Configurators

Personalization and customization so the customer can bring their touch on your products.

AR Apps

Rapidly create, customise and deploy your own Augmented Reality apps for iOS & Android. Stand-alone or in your own app with Plattar’s embeddable SDKs.

3D Photo & Video

Select any 3D product, rotate to the angle required and export out hi res images or video.

3D & AR Ads

Display any product or scene in our 3D viewer on your preferred touchpoint.

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