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AR Solutions For The End-to-End Product Experience

For retailers, manufacturers, and brands

Enable And Support The Entire Product Lifecycle

With a touch point in your customer’s pocket.







Activate and launch products with engaging, immersive 3D.

Activate and Launch Products With Engaging, Immersive 3D Augmented Reality

  • Connect product promotions directly to your own immersive product experience.
  • Measure conversations and analyze campaign effectiveness.

Empower customers to browse
and visualise products at scale
in their environment

  • Create & maintain product configurators – organise collections, variants, colours, finishes.
  • Enable selections with confidence – increase high value sales, save unnecessary shipping & returns.

Interact with high quality virtual products at accurate size and scale

  • Empower sales to demo products, display options and engage with customers face-to-face.
  • Immerse buyers in rich information to experience large or complex products.

Convert leads, attribute and measure what customers buy.

  • Record activity people are having with your app throughout the sales cycles.
  • Integrated 3D product content with commerce platforms.

Bring product information,
get started instructions &
help guides to life

  • Make detailed instructions and fine print, engaging and accessible.
  • Create a single touch point for customers to engage with your brand.

Build loyalty and drive upgrades through in app recommendations

  • Create a single touch point for customers to engage with your brand.
  • Move customers from one off purchasing to long term, enduring relationships.

For Retailers

The easiest way to put products into your customer’s hands.

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For Brands

The best product experience for your customers – online and off.

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“Plattar has driven sales, reduced returns and the platform makes it incredibly easy for me to add new products.”

Sacha Alagich

Founder, Escape to Paradise

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