Tools for selling online
and face-to-face.

Accelerate sales with try outs, try ons,
configurators and demonstrators.

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View, visualise and experience products before you buy.

Bring photo-real, 360 degree interactive 3D products to your customers. Let customers see things from any angle then try them out in AR

  • Enable selections with confidence – increase high value sales, save unnecessary shipping & returns.
  • Simply integrate 3D product content with commerce platforms.
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Demo your entire range - in store or on the road.

From the virtual aisle to the customers site - take your full range anywhere.

  • Empower sales to demo products, display options and engage with customers face-to-face.
  • Immerse buyers in rich information to experience large or complex products
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Browse collections of products visually in 3D and AR.

Let your customers virtually walk through your store and shop in a more natural way.

  • Shop like you do instore, but with the added power of e-commerce.
  • Combine with try outs, try ons and configurators for a powerful digital customer experience.


Configure and personalise products, then buy them.

Empower customers to personalize and visualize their dream product by changing configs, colours or adding features - all in 3D.

  • Make complex products and fine print, engaging and accessible.
  • Create & maintain product configurators – organise collections, variants, colours, finishes.
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Virtually try on accessories and apparel in seconds.

Create interactive experiences for customers, let them experience products before they hit the order button.

  • From caps to hats, to eyewear to watches and jewelry – try before you buy.
  • Give customers the closest thing to trying products out in a physical location.
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Built for Sales.

Online or in person. Retailer or brand. Physical or digital.
Your product experience matters.

Online and eCommerce

3D and AR visualisation helps people buy with confidence.

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In-store and field sales

Show your whole range virtually. Demonstrate and explain products in detail.

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Using Plattar, we have seen a 40% increase in online sales conversions over our traditional product pages.
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