Extend your retail experience with a virtual store

Let your customers virtually walk through your store and browse, try out with WebAR and buy your products.

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Let your customers virtually walk through your store and browse

Capture your physical store in 360, then your customers browse your products like how they would normally do, place in WebAR and with one click add it to their cart and buy.

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Bring your products to life with interactive 3D

Create a beautiful and realistic virtual store in 3D and allow your customers to move around and explore the features and benefits of your products with 3D animation and Augmented Reality.

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Empower your customers to personalise their shopping experience and increase cart size

Customers can customise and configure your products and designs, before then place an order via Plattar’s eCommerce integrations within your site

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Simply create and manage your virtual store

Plattar makes it simple and easy to build, manage and publish your own virtual store. With our codeless virtual store software, you can setup and change your store as often as you want. And you can have it deployed on your website within a matter of minutes.

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Using Plattar, we have seen a 40% increase in online sales conversions over our traditional product pages.
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Nick Cust

Snooze, Head of Digital

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