Why Plattar?

Plattar is one unified platform to create, manage and deploy your 3D product catalogue. One 3D asset, any experience.

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Every time we buy, we are taking a gamble.

How does it look? Will it fit? Does it suit my needs? More and more products are bought sight unseen. Online, instore, B-to-B, B-to-C. It’s never been harder for retailers and brands to showcase products or for customers to choose what to buy:

  • More products than ever, make it hard to stand out.
  • It is hard to visualise and compare products.
  • Many items are not available in store.
  • Customized and personalised products make it harder to illustrate all options.
  • Returns and sampling are expensive.

3D and AR brings products to life.

Product visualisation is key to acquiring customers and driving sales. Interactive 3D delivers brands new discovery, engagement and product experiences. Real-world colors and textures combine with virtual try outs to increase customers’ confidence to buy.

  • 74% More engagement time.
  • 64%more likely to purchase.
  • 40% improved brand perception with AR.
  • 40% higher conversion rates.

*Over 2D images
^ With interactive 3D models

Your product in 3D - optimised for every touchpoint.

Don’t go it alone.

Your time to market is the difference between leading the industry or falling behind. The pace of change from platforms such as Apple, Google and Facebook is iterating AR and 3D technology at light speed.

One place for everything

The Plattar platform unifies 3D product visualization, configuration, and Augmented Reality in one place so you can automate the rapid launch and update of new product lines across your digital properties and sales tools.

Optimized for every touchpoint

We deliver the best possible customer experience in 3D and AR regardless of device, browser or bandwidth.

One platform, one asset, unlimited product experiences.

Once you’ve built your 3D assets, choose the experience that’s right for your brand:

3D viewers, AR web, AR or 3D apps, photos and video, 3D and AR ads.

Whatever your sales and marketing needs, Plattar gives you the flexibility to create new experiences with the same investment in 3D assets that are future-proof

Experience Builder.

Curate, build & deploy. Curate and enrich your 3D content, then simply drag & drop to deploy. No coding skills needed.

AR Web Viewers

Reach more people, from the world’s leading mobile platforms. Be first to market with browser-based AR.

3D Viewers

View products from any angle directly from any website or mobile.

Virtual Showroom

Let your customers virtually walk through your store and browse, try out and buy your products.

3D Configurators

Personalization and customization so the customer can bring their touch on your products.

AR Apps

Rapidly create, customise and deploy your own Augmented Reality apps for iOS & Android. Stand-alone or in your own app with Plattar’s embeddable SDKs.

3D Photo & Video

Select any 3D product, rotate to the angle required and export out hi res images or video.

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