Experience before you buy

Drive new sales with 3D & Augmented Reality visualisation for the web.

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One platform for a 3D world.

Set up products, add configurations, compose into scenes. Publish and automatically optimise presentation to iOS, Android and older devices.

Experience Builder - For all your 3D & AR touchpoints.

Curate, manage and deploy all your 3D & Augmented Reality assets. No coding skills needed.

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Increase sales

Increase sales - online, instore and on the road

Inspire confidence to purchase.

Empower your customers to experience products before they buy.

33% of people are more likely to make a purchase from Augmented Reality enabled product pages vs those without.

See how National Product Review does WebAR

Power personalisation and custom products.

From exploring the details to selecting the right options, help people choose and decide with 3D, Augmented Reality and mobile Virtual Reality.

40% higher conversion rates with 3D.

See how La Marzocco does it

Demonstrate all your products, anywhere.

Have your full range at hand in - every size, every colour, every finish. No size limits.

Millions of photoreal configurations are powered by Plattar.

See how SAAB does Augmented Reality

Web 1st Augmented Reality.

Built from scratch for the web, Plattar optimises the performance of your 3D content across iOS devices, Android and desktop browsers.

AR Quick Look for iOS

Optimised 3D & AR performance for iOS users on modern devices.

Android Scene Viewer

Google’s web 3D & AR viewing format for Android.

Extended mobile web

Support older devices with Plattar’s browser based AR.

Supercharge your rank

Enhance SEO with 3D content formatted for Google's new 3D search.

Built for Sales.

Online or in person. Retailer or brand. Physical or digital.
Your product experience matters.

Online and eCommerce

3D and Augmented Reality visualisation helps people buy with confidence.

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In-store and field sales

Show your whole range virtually. Demonstrate and explain products in detail.

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How it works.

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Drag and drop 3D assets into a no-code editor. Bring your scenes to life with sound and movement.

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Share 3D assets and collaborate with your project team. Measure success with inbuilt analytics.

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Publish to the web, native apps or export to video and images. Optimise output for every touchpoint.

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